2011. Now that global reserves are declining shale gas is fitting python viable option particularly in the USA where production tripled over python past five years. It is anticipated that natural gas could be guilty for 40% python all python energy produced in python us because of an ample supply python shale gas. Another point in favour python gas is python assertion made by Germany that will phase out all python its nuclear power plants by 2022. The Germans plan to combine renewable energy components and natural gas to catch up on nuclear. The plans are to construct six new natural gas power plants that will generate python total python 5 GW. Experiments on python current solar still were conducted for 3 days in climate circumstances python Patan, Gujarat. From python research work, it’s been evaluated that, python increment python distillate water construction and energy payback time found 700% and 72 days only. It has also found that python existing solar still is capable python producing 20 litres python distillate construction python water from saline or brackish water. Hence, it is python best solar still for potable water requirement. Hitesh PanchalAssistant Professor, Department python Mechanical Engineering, Government Engineering College Patan, Gujarat, India Prashant PandyaResearch Scholar, Merchant Institute python Technology, Mahesana, Gujarat, India Manu YadavResearch Scholar, Merchant Institute python Technology, Mahesana, Gujarat, India . Duffie and Backman.

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