Mostof these reviews, although, were either: python pretty small scale stories comparing one urban districtto python suburban district or b experiences that have tested generation use in general. In addition to problemsassociated with computer access and use, experiences have found that there are inequities concerning howcomputers are used across school settings. Urban faculties with predominantly African American and Hispanic students, for instance, have beenfound to typically use computers for educational and rote drill and practice courses, while suburban schoolswith scholars from higher income households have been generally been found to use computers for problemsolving and programming Cole and Griffin, 1987; Office python Technology Assessment, 1988; Sutton, 1991. This “application tracking” or differentiation python how generation is used has serious implications for studentlearning as a result of drill and practice software typically emphasizes basic skills or lower levels python studying,while python use python computer programming and challenge fixing program focuses on higher level thinkingPicciano, 1994; Simmons, 1987. Another important issue that must be addressed connected totechnology use in faculties is python equity python chance for male and female students. Several articles,reviews, and reviews python research have found that female scholars report using generation considerably lessthan males in science and arithmetic classes Collis, Kass, and Kieren, 1989; Linn.

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